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Breast Cancer Awareness Program

By donating just Rs 1200/- you can gift a woman a mammogram screening.

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Breast Cancer Survivors Meet

CIIGMA Health Foundation had organized a breast cancer survivors meet to emphasize the important of breast cancer ...

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Dr. Advani Sir Camps

Dr Suresh Advani Sir is India's first and best-known oncologist. Mr. Advani has also been awarded a Padma Bhushan...

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Heart Transplant

In the first ever feat in Marathwada, a team of doctors at the United CIIGMA hospital today successfully performed...

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COCHLEAR Implant Surgery

Extremely advanced COCHLEAR Implant Surgery sponsored by CIIGMA Health Foundation concludes at...

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Endoscopy At No Charge

For the past 10 years, Dr. Unmesh Takalkar has been engaged in performing complex endoscopy procedures...

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Diabetes / Stroke Awareness Program

Diabetes and Stroke Awareness program was organized by Dr. Rotte and Dr. Wattamwar to educate people...

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Robotic Surgery Live Demonstration

Robotic Surgery is a method to perform surgery using very small tools attached to a robotic arm. The surgeon controls...

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Health Camps

Even after becoming NABH accredited, United CIIGMA Hospital and CIIGMA Health Foundation have managed to...

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Bramhapuri Live Demonstration

CIIGMA Health Foundation is committed towards demonstrating highly complex procedures and contributing...

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G I Vision

he vision of this meeting is "Enhancing the scope of GI Endoscope", serves not only as a maker in introducing ...