Our Mission

We consider it our good fortune to have got a platform from where, we can express our gift to the world. Now we consider it our responsibility to extend that olive branch to not only our country but the entire world. As a measure of paying it forward, we are continuously investing in strengthening our research work, so that we can make considerable contributions in the Healthcare Education sector.

“Service to Humanity is Service to God” has been our motto ever since we began our medical practice. And it is not our mission to serve millions of human beings and rid them of the most life threatening and dangerous diseases.

By organising various free health checkup camps and health awareness programs, we intend to reach the most rural parts of the country, to offer our high quality healthcare services. By collaborating with the most renowned surgeons of our times, we broaden our spectrums of service and cure. We are actively reaching out to people via various mediums to educate them about the various low cost and sponsored options so that no patient goes back without treatment and cure.

Along with offering healthcare solutions, we are constantly upgrading our healthcare strategies to make healthcare more affordable and accessible to the common man.

We’re both optimists. By taking these measures and learning about new and better ways of executing the foundation, we are ensuring that we are protecting every life.


Dr. Unmesh and Dr. Manisha Takalkar