Breast Cancer Awareness

CIIGMA Health Foundation organises number of breast cancer awareness camps throughout the year to emphasise the important of breast cancer and how patients can cope with the disease and come out victorious as a brand new person.

Mrs. Sandhya Joshi who had been a breast cancer patient and had been treated successfully by Dr. Unmesh Takalkar is one such example of exemplary display of courage. Mrs. Sandhya speaks regularly  about her experience of cancer to other suffering patients. She stresses the importance of being positive in your thoughts and actions, to come out healthy after the treatment. She also talks about how some patients are scared of chemotherapy, about losing hair, about not looking good and Mrs. Joshi tells them that this is temporary and then being completely healthy and taking the necessary treatment is very important. She also says that the support of the family members is also extremely important in treating cancer successfully.

Mrs. Joshi is very proud to share her experience and she is also very proud that currently she is employed by United CIIGMA Hospital and contributing in her own way to fighting cancer.

Dr. Unmesh Takalkar also addresses the cancer patients in the meet and speaks to them about the importance of early detection of breast cancer and the treatments involved. He encourages patients to be free from stress for speedy recovery from breast cancer and follow the necessary treatment suggested by the doctors.

The dietitian, Mrs. Bandukwala advises patients on following a healthy diet which will include green vegetable, fruits. She also insisted that patients should eat freshly prepared foods.

If you would like to contribute your share in organising such events every year, so that the awareness about right eating habits and patient care can spread to every nook and corner, specially the rural region of India, please donate by clicking the button below.

Endoscopy At No Charge

For the past 10+ years, Dr. Unmesh Takalkar has been engaged in performing complex endoscopy procedures for patients coming from outside of Aurangabad or from Aurangabad, patients who cannot afford the endoscopy procedures but are still in need of treat at no charge.

This is one of the many ways, that Dr. Takalkar has contributed back to the community and staying true to the motto of “Service to Humanity, Service to God”.

Patients who cannot afford complex facilities, patients who cannot travel to bigger cities like Hyderabad or Pune, now come to Dr. Takalkar and get their endocopy done for absolutely no charge.

Over the years, many patients have blessed Dr. Takalkar and his endeavors and have been grateful for the selfless service that they are providing.

If you would like to help Dr. Unmesh Takalkar and contribute towards helping more such patients to avail free endoscopy, please donate by clicking the button below.